About us

Delaware Bushido Academy is located in the heart of Smyrna De where Sensei Howard Steele has served the Middletown, Smyrna and Dover area as a Martial Arts instructor for over 15 years.

We aim to build a family oriented, community based, clean and healthy dojo where students of all ages can come and learn.

At Delaware Bushido Academy, we teach realistic Self Defense and effective Fitness classes. Utilizing a positive, clean, and safe atmosphere we encourage a healthy lifestyle and train Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Isshinryu Karate for the best in self protection.

Including many ladies, children and non-athlete individuals in classes our goal is to reach those most in need of our service. Whether its youth (ages 5 and up) or Adults, we have what your family needs.

With many years training in our respective arts, learning the best teaching methodologies to date from the highest level instructors in our field we feel confident in the fact that our academy can help you reach your self defense and fitness goals.

Our Head Instructor

Howard Steele began his martial arts journey in 1989 with Okinawan Isshinryu Karate, under Master Reese Rigby, at the Dover Isshinryu Karate Club in Downtown Dover De.

Soon after receiving his Black belt in 1993, The Rigbys relocated their dojo to Tudor Industrial Park in Dover where they still teach classes daily.

Sensei Steele remains a student of Master Rigby, a representative of the Okinawan Isshinryu Karate and Kobudo Association and was most recently promoted to the rank of Master Level, 7th degree Red and White belt in December 2018.

His study of Jiu Jitsu, like many others, began immediately after the first UFC in 1993. However it wouldn’t be until much later in 2001 that his formal study began. After years of study under various instructors, including legendary Gracie Jiu Jitsu Master Royce Gracie, Mr. Steele earned his Black belt. He is currently a direct student, and was advanced to black belt by world renowned Jiu Jitsu instructor, Master Pedro Sauer and now proudly represents the Gracie Family and their art as a Gracie Academy certified instructor.

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